We sell leading PBX products, including 3CX and Avoxi.

3CX is a software-based, open standards IP PBX that offers complete Unified Communications. Avoxi, a voice over IP (VoIP) cloud communications provider focusses on meeting the international calling needs of call centres, hotels, tour operators, and global enterprises looking to project a local presence.

Whether your organisation would like an onsite or hosted PBX, we provide a range of options to choose from.


On-Premise and Hosted PBX

A PBX telephone system enables the user to make and receive calls via the Internet. The various benefits associated with adopting the PBX system includes saving on costs. Due to this innovation in business communications, the analogue telephone has begun phasing out as most organisations recognise the value in implementing a PBX.

  • Users can choose between geographical (eg. 011, 012) or non-geographical numbers (eg. 086).
  • A PBX solution saves you money on your telephone bill and provides features like conference calls, call transfer, call forwarding to mobile phone, voicemail, fax and more.
  • The solution can be implemented on site (on-premise) or off site (hosted PBX).
  • Onsite PBX: The client will need to procure the necessary infrastructure such as the PBX hardware, phone hardware or software, as well as a stable Internet connection.
  • Hosted PBX: The client only acquires the hardware or software phones and a stable and fast Internet connection.

Call Centre & Contact Centre PBX

This is a complete call centre and contact centre management PBX solution that provides excellent customer service with access to the information required to monitor call queues in real-time and ensure that not a single call is lost.


  • Provides all the tools required to review an agents’ performance at any given time
  • Integrated wallboard for real-time monitoring
  • Detailed reports of the longest call wait-time and abandoned calls
  • Provision of SLA and callback statistics
  • Callback option for customers not willing to wait
  • Ability to train new agents during a live call without the caller hearing a thing

Hotel PBX

Adopting the Hotel PBX is efficient and highly cost-effective from installation costs to maintenance costs as compared to traditional systems. Some of the benefits of utilising our hotel PBX, including increased functionality, are as follows:

  • Showcasing presence information
  • Conference calling
  • Web conferencing facility
  • Runs on mainstream operating systems like Windows 7, Windows 8 and later
  • Ensures easy management and minimum training is required

The hotel PBX Integrates with PMS (Property Management Systems) and Hospitality Systems to make sure that staff can perform most functions from within the Hotel Management Software.

This includes:

  • Providing wake up calls
  • Check-in/ checkout
  • Do not disturb (DND)
  • Enabling housekeeping to set room status via phone

IP Phones

An IP or VoIP Phone is designed to work with your IP PBX System using your current network to send and receive telephone calls. Prodinet is proud to provide the very best IP phones and products on the market. Carefully selected by adhering to our strict quality standards, we offer the following leading IP phone products:


Offers a wide range of desk and wireless IP phones covering all business environments, from enterprise-grade IP phones, Gigabit IP phones to touch screen IP phones.


the Cisco IP phone portfolio includes user-friendly, full-featured IP phones to meet the needs of your entire organisation.

Digium Products

Digium phones are built specifically for Asterisk-based phone systems. Whether you are looking to complete your Switchvox Unified Communications system or a custom Asterisk-based deployment, Digium offers the perfect VoIP phones to fit your needs.


Avaya provides a complete portfolio of smart UC devices that are connected and customizable. Use them to increase employee productivity and satisfaction, and to build vertical revenue and customer satisfaction.


Help teams move faster with desk phones that are intuitive-to-use from day one. Exclusive Polycom® Acoustic Fence™ technology eliminates distracting background noises at the source. Ideal for delivering quiet service in noise call centre environments!


Boasting a wide selection of IP Phones that promise to meet your organisations’ needs, Snom is known for its high-quality audio technology and precision German engineering that values enduring design and innovation.