Business is no longer confined to the workplace. The advent of the Internet has definitely helped to streamline business processes; from ease of access to documentation and information to the ability to communicate with your team or liaise on important projects from wherever you are. Access to the web is almost a necessity in this day and age, whether you’re at home, merely browsing at your own leisure, doing important research or streaming the latest news and entertainment media.

So the importance of a solid and reliable WiFi connection in your home and workspace cannot be understated. The further a computer is from the wireless router it connects to, the weaker a wireless signal will be. And those who have had to deal with painfully slow loading times as a result of poor connectivity and signal strength, well; you’ll be glad to hear that there are easy-to-implement solutions which won’t cost you a fortune.

Router Positioning

Before you go down the extender route, make sure that you follow these best practices regarding the placement of your router.

  1. Your router should be placed in a central location in order to maximise area coverage.
  2. Avoid placing the router close to metal objects and appliances that emit electromagnetic waves.
  3. Keep your router elevated above the floor level in order to boost the signal.

WiFi boosters, Repeaters, or Extenders

Firstly, what’s the difference?

Well, in short – these effectively do the same thing. They’re all devices designed to improve coverage and expand the range of your WiFi. The only difference is that they don’t all work the same way. A wireless repeater or range extender helps devices maintain a stronger wireless signal, they take a WiFi signal, amplify it, and transmit it again, creating a wider coverage map.

Boosting Signal Strength

A major benefit of implementing a WiFi extender or repeater is that it creates a stable connection and can improve the wireless signal without having to move the router or devices. Placing a range extender between a computer and the router it connects to means enabling the device, whether it’s your phone, tablet or laptop, to receive a stronger signal, leading to better performance and uninterrupted access to the Internet.

Another positive to utilising wireless extenders or repeaters is the ability of these devices to overcome obstructions that may impact your connectivity. Physical objects can weaken and interfere with wireless signals. Placing a repeater in a location with few objects between the router and the computer can allow signals to travel to the computer.

This solution has even been touted by tech industry heavyweights like Microsoft, which has recommended installing extenders and repeaters as a solution to wireless network issues.

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