Enterprise Security - Secure your digital business. Safeguard your apps and data.

With deepening increase in cyber attacks and vulnerability of business information, our security approach to information security gives IT powerful centralized control over the management, access, critical apps and data.

The pressure of managing secured devices, endpoints and networks are straining the limits of existing infrastructures. By focusing instead on securing your most important business assets—your apps and data—you can both simplify and strengthen security without compromising productivity.

6 critical enterprise security capabilities

Network Security

Organizations can achieve security, compliance and risk mitigation through secure remote access, network segmentation, and access control. This ensures that your network is protected alongside business applications and data while ensuring 100% uptime and performance.

Data Security

Secure enterprise data in the data center or cloud instead of on endpoint devices. Data encryption and secure file sharing can reduce the risk of leaks and attacks, including on mobile devices, while helping ensure regulatory compliance.

Identity and Access

Enterprise security beyond user names and passwords by controlling access, authentication and authorization to your apps, data and network for employees and third parties.

Monitoring and Response

Advanced monitoring tools give you full visibility into your IT infrastructure. Detect threats, misconfigurations, and performance issues so you can respond fast and avoid user interruption. Comply with regulations and reduce the scope of security and compliance audits.

Safeguard information and IP

Protect sensitive data and intellectual property—things like business plans, patents, financial records, designs, and customer information—from loss and theft by securing access to apps and data across distributed organizations.

By centrally managing apps and data, IT can allow controlled access only to the people who need it to do their work.

Ensure business continuity

Make sure your business critical apps and data are always securely available during planned and unexpected business disruptions so people can stay productive. A complete business continuity and disaster recovery plan should cover data center and cloud environments plus workforce recovery. It should include technologies and best practices to prevent attacks and ensure seamless operations and effective incidence handling.

Netscaler ADC-Firewall-VPN

Ensure 100% uptime and flawless performance with Netscaler ADC.

Today’s enterprises face more demands than ever, from cloud computing to 24/7 availability to increasing security threats. Netscaler ADC, an advanced software-defined application delivery controller, is your networking power player. It provides outstanding delivery of business applications—to any device and any location—with unmatched security, superior L4-7 load balancing, reliable GSLB, and 100 percent uptime. In fact, Netscaler ADC offers up to five times the performance of our closest competitor.