Networking Solutions

A new tech landscape is taking shape for small & medium businesses. There’s a need for access to computing almost anywhere, on many different kinds of devices such as desktops, laptops and smart phones. Many devices means there are many opportunities to get disorganized. One way to keep momentum and organization is to consider purchasing a server. Realistically, any business with more than five employees should consider using a server. This not only helps prepare for growth, but also enables smoother business operations from the outset. Servers play a critical role in any IT network and perform a number of essential tasks. Servers should have a big impact on your operations. Businesses face a range of IT challenges.
You need your IT to be reliable and flexible — to support your business through changing times. Carefully managing your power and cooling requirements, and simplified data centre management can reduce administration costs. You need servers to help you meet all of these challenges.

Good news! At Prodinet we design, implement & manage infrastructure to the core.

  • Microsoft Domain & Active Directory
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • System Integration with CITRIX
  • Virtual Private Network VPN
  • Remote Desktop Service
  • SSL Certificates

Network Management & Administration

Incorporates the ongoing management and administration of complex Local & Wide Area (LAN & WAN) Networks. Also includes design and installation of Wireless Networks, WAN assessment including architecture design and recommendations (Diginet, ADSL, ISDN, MPLS and 3G etc.)

Storage, Data Protection & User Management

This encompasses services such as Design and integration of storage infrastructure, Storage Area Networks, Continuous Data Protection, Data Management, Replication, Backup, Recovery and Archiving solutions used to protect system’s data. User management ranges from comprehensive on-site end-user assistance to ongoing management of sophisticated Call Centre installations.

Helpdesk & 24/7 Standby Services

Providing comprehensive services for both infrastructure and Managed Security Services clients

Server & Desktop Support

Includes hardware and software support services for Intel based platforms

Design and Integration of Messaging Solutions

Services ranging from design of comprehensive messaging infrastructure to deployment and integration of fault-tolerant messaging solutions, Anti-Spam, compliance and Email archiving

Network Server Room

Installation and maintenance of Network Server rooms, including Anti-Fire, Air-Conditioning and Power protection.

Software and Patch Management

Includes services such as mass software deployment, software asset and license management, automated patch management for Servers, and Desktops

Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics

These incorporate services such as SNMP Management, remote configuration, administration and fault diagnosis of host and communications equipment.

Server Virtualization, Consolidation and Optimization

Design and maintenance of Server Virtual Machine (VM) and Terminal Server systems and solutions with CITRIX.


Access Control Systems and CCTV

Design and implementation of Access Control systems including strong authentication such as Smart Card and Biometrics.

Also, we provide CCTV footage via remote view on your mobile phones, computer and tablets – Receive alarm notification, motion detection and more remotely.

Data, Fibre and Telephone Cabling System Maintenance

Supplying high-quality and cost-effective cabling system maintenance, with services ranging from simple Network and Telephone cabling to comprehensive fibre solutions