What exactly is Online File Sharing?

Simply put, online file sharing and collaboration is a system of communication that allows a group of people to work together, no matter where they’re located. This means that you can work on the same project in real-time via the internet. With online collaboration, you can edit and share PowerPoint presentations, Word Documents and more. In essence, it will help streamline the work and communication process, while amplifying productivity.

It’s easy to see why so many organisations are taking advantage of online or cloud-based collaboration tools for efficiency but let’s look at the other reasons why it works so well.

Centralised Storage of All Documents

Team members working on a project will have access to all relevant files and documentation, stored in one location. This access means that it isn’t necessary to store files on their local disk or USB so that they can continue working on things remotely. All members will have access to the latest version of a document, and there is transparency when it comes to who has updated files and when.

Simplified Reporting Process

Reporting is an important part of a business, especially if you’re working with a large team on the same project and need to track all activities. Online collaboration allows you to do just that by allowing you to easily include all activities related to a specific project while generating a detailed report. Instantly.


Location, location, location. No matter where you are, you now have the capacity to work together with your team in order to reach your deadlines. All you need is an internet connection. Staying in touch with your colleagues is easy, no matter where you are.

Keep Track of Projects with Ease

There are various online collaboration services to consider, and some of them offer an array of built-in-capabilities to track your project so that team members can easily evaluate progress and pick up on areas of concern. It also allows everyone with access, the ability to see the documents before making any changes, as well as track who made the recent changes to documents. You no longer need to communicate with team members via email, meaning you need not search your inbox to find a lost or overlooked document.

With all these benefits, could your organisation afford to miss out on online collaboration? Speak to the Prodinet team about making online and cloud file sharing and collaboration work for your team!