Our IT support, infrastructure design and network connectivity solutions are carried out according to your business requirements by trained and qualified technicians. View our full scope of services and speak to us about creating a customised arrangement that will benefit your staff and customers.
The workplace is changing rapidly as a result of the Internet and its effect on the way we do business. Your organisations’ success is exceedingly dependent on smart communication processes and a reliable connectivity infrastructure, whether to link your employees to one another, or connect your business to the outside world. Prodinet has established a portfolio of services geared toward giving your organisation the upper-hand in data transmission and connectivity.

Business Wireless

Does your organisation need a fast and reliable wireless Internet connection, but isn’t eligible for fibre? Are you tired of the poor service delivery from providers that over-promise and under-deliver?

Prodinet’s Business Wireless service is the ideal solution for commercial organisations that require a robust and stable wireless Internet connection which supports the businesses core functions and day-to-day operation. Our seamless and dedicated line offers upload and download speeds of up to 40 mbps, plus, it’s unshaped, unthrottled and application ready!

Most importantly, there is no UPFRONT COST for our rental-only hardware, and we offer quick support and maintenance.


Designed to deliver the ultimate user-experience, integrated software-defined WAN (Wide Area Network) can take on today’s application traffic. There are numerous benefits involved in moving from a traditional WAN to an SD-WAN:

  • Lowering WAN costs
  • Improving application performance for onsite or mobile users
  • Ensuring call quality and reliability for VoIP
  • Enhanced security
  • In order to optimise your workplace connectivity and fulfil your MPLS and SD-WAN needs, we provide an enterprise-grade selection from Citrix Netscaler SD-WAN, Mikrotik and Cisco.

WiFi Extension

Stay in range at all times with the WiFi extender range from Ubiquiti. WiFi extenders pick up on your existing wireless network and successfully extend its spatial range. It is ideal for providing network coverage and extending connectivity to substantial areas or large workplaces.

CCTV & IP Surveillance Solutions

CCTV surveillance provides a high level of security within an organisation. Our range of security solutions boasts sophisticated features.

We supply, implement and manage a different range of surveillance systems to ensure that maximum security solutions are successfully deployed.


  • Remote viewing offsite via tablets and mobile devices
  • Fast and easy playback and record features
  • Motion detection
  • SMS notification regarding events and much more