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Can you remember when email first hit the business world, it was an amazing productivity booster. Today, it has become the opposite:

  • Long email threads clog up workflows.
  • Files get lost in inboxes.
  • Document versions start to clash.
  • Teams waste time looking for critical files.
  • Mailboxes run out of space on a regular basis.

No wonder users don’t like it (and regulators aren’t too thrilled either).

Why ‘consumer-grade’ isn’t good enough

As a response to this email nightmare, business users wanting an easier way to share large files started to move to basic, consumer-grade cloud storage apps – things like Dropbox and OneDrive.

But these services aren’t designed for the demands of growing businesses. The functionality doesn’t go beyond storing large files, and the security isn’t tight enough to protect critical files.

Enter FileShare

Frustrated with email, and concerned or disappointed by consumer-grade file sharing, millions of users have moved to FileShare, the business-class file sharing and storage solution. And they love it.

For simplicity, ease of use, security, cost control and business flexibility, FileShare delivers on its promise: enabling you to work the way you want. This quick overview gives you the top 10 reasons that you should move your business files and critical workflows to FileShare

FileShare: a quick introduction & how it can help you

FileShare empowers your business users to collaborate easily on files while securing your critical data. Free from email chaos, your staff can finally work the way they want.

Plus, it’s far more than just a better way to share files. It provides all five ‘S’s of a business-grade service:

  • Sharing – a more efficient way to circulate files, within the company, and also with clients and partners.
  • Storage – moving your files to the cloud, instead of storing them on your own servers – so the right people can access the right files at the right time.
  • Security – protecting your business and clients by encrypting your files in transit and in storage.
  • Sync – keeping everyone on the latest version, always.
  • Streamlining – accelerating the collaboration process by making it easier to signal both when a document needs feedback and when it’s been finally approved.

Companies that adopt the time-saving and security features of FileShare never leave. It turbo-charges everything from collaboration and workflow to compliance and mobile work. If you’re still using email to share files or a consumer tool to store them, you’re ready for an upgrade.

The 10 big reasons to choose FileShare



Your business files will be more secure

Small businesses today are under attack. Data leaks and hacks are increasing – and a new generation of ransomware specifically targets small and medium sized businesses (the ones that used to be too small to bother with).

Even if you’ve never been attacked, the regulators want to see that you’re taking data privacy seriously.

FileShare is the most secure way to share, sync and store files, with:

  • Plug-ins for Outlook and Gmail to convert attachments into secure links.
  • Bank-level 256-bit encryption in transit and at rest.
  • Two-factor authentication and single sign-on.
  • 99.9 percent uptime and disaster recovery centers in North America and Europe.
  • Control over who sees individual files and folders, download alerts, activity and access reports.

In short, using FileShare to store, sync and share your files is far more secure than keeping them on your own servers or local PCs.

If security matters to your business, this is reason enough to make the switch.


But here are nine more:

email overload


You’ll get rid of email overload

FileShare is a simple, streamlined way to send and receive large and sensitive documents. No tangled email threads. No lost attachments.


It lets you bypass file size restrictions and eliminate the bounce-back problems that plague email. And because it integrates easily with Outlook and Gmail, your users build it into the way they work.


Approval workflows mean you no longer have to chase colleagues and clients to approve documents either. Instead, you can set deadlines to show when a document needs to be approved by, and then everyone gets alerts that notify them when feedback comes in.



You’ll make sharing even huge files with your team and clients much, much simpler

Even massive files (10Gb and up) are as easy to share as a tiny Word doc.


Click. Tap. Share.


To send files from your FileShare account, you can use your current email client, a web browser or any mobile device – even use collaboration tools like Slack to send a secure link.



You’ll comply more easily with industry regulations

If you’re in a highly-regulated industry, you know all about things like HIPAA, HITECH, CFPB, FINRA, SEC and all of those other acronyms.


And even if you’re not in healthcare or financial services, today’s data protection laws apply to you.

FileShare gives you the secure storage and archiving that all of these regulations demand. You can track who has accessed files, apply rules to allow access and avoid the accidental deletion of important files.


Regulators love that.

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You’ll support your mobile workers

People used to spend most of their time at (or really close to) their desks. Today, they’re out and about.

When you use FileShare, every user can access files from iOS, Android and Windows devices. Smartphones, tablets or laptops: everyone gets secure access.

Whether your company supplies devices to your staff or you let them bring their own, FileShare makes it easy to include them. And if their devices get lost or stolen, you can easily erase any data and saved passwords associated with the FileShare account in order to block or prevent unauthorized access. Then you can get your user up and running again within minutes on their new device.



You’ll get files approved faster

Documents sitting in someone’s inbox can hold up your important processes.

With FileShare’s approval workflow, it’s easy to send documents for feedback and sign-off (and even for an e-signature if you add that functionality) directly from your FileShare account.


You get documents sent back quickly, with an audit trail – and you cut turnaround times too.



Your business will recover more quickly from disasters

Fire, theft and floods destroy businesses every day. And your hardware and software are vulnerable to a new breed of ransomware attacks that can lock you out of your own critical files.


Off-site cloud storage means your critical files are always available – and off-site back-up means you’re ready to get back to business after any incident (and never have to take back-up drives home).

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version control


You’ll never have version control problems

On complex documents created by different people working together, it gets really hard to keep track of edits and versions.


With FileShare, you share links that take users directly to the latest document version. Everyone uses the same link to access every comment and new version, so everyone’s on the same page. No lost time working on different documents.



You’ll save money

With FileShare, there’s no hardware or software to buy, manage and maintain. One low subscription cost covers hardware, software, upgrades, back-up, security patches and maintenance. That way, instead of big, up-front costs, you get a low, predictable monthly subscription.



You’ll never walk alone

When you choose FileShare, you get an easier way to work together and manage your workflow. But you also get all the support you need – from us, your local IT service provider. We’ll get you up and running, and support you through any issues.

Unlike the do-it-yourself services that leave everything to you, FileShare means you’ve got experts there whenever you need them.

A few FileShare use cases

  • Client communications Share engagement letters and sensitive financial documents easily without compromising security.
  • Marketing drafts Get team input on a single version that everyone shares.
  • Contract approvals Easy internal reviews and sign-offs, plus customer signatures in one easy workflow.
  • Regulatory compliance We help you take due care of your customer files.
  • HR communications Share sensitive employmentrelated information with staff, completely confidentially.
  • Supplier negotiations Fast rounds and revisions with total security.
  • Sales campaigns Coordinating teams around opportunities is much easier when everyone is on the latest proposal versions.

That’s only a taste. The benefits of speed, simplicity, easy orchestration and built-in security touch every process in every department in your business.

Let’s do this

We hope the 10 reasons listed here have convinced you: FileShare leads to huge impacts on teamwork, efficiency and security for your entire business – while you only make a small change to the way that you work today. There aren’t many ‘no-brainers’ in business today. This is one.

Talk to us about putting FileShare to work for your business (we can even start you on a free 30-day trial to make sure that it works for you). Ready when you are!