About Us

Prodinet stands for Professional Digital Networking. Lilly and Noel, the founding members of Prodinet, are certified in business consulting and IT management respectively. Lilly has a Degree in Economics and Political Science with the University of Cape Town while Noel completed his IT management course with The University of Cape Town, along with computer and networking engineering certificates with Damelin College.

They have more than 10 years of working experience in tailoring solutions for SMMEs within the ICT industry.

We started Prodinet because we wanted to offer businesses maximum flexibility and control over their Network, Security and Communication solutions through partnership. We believe that quality of service can and should be different. Prodinet was founded in 2008 as a spinoff of complete network, security and telecommunication service providers. In 2011, Prodinet was officially registered and comprises of two members.
Prodinet caters specifically to small, small-to-medium and medium-sized companies and we are proud to be the highest ranked network and telecommunications service provider in terms of customer satisfaction.
The passion for science and technology alongside analytics was how it all started. We were looking for a better way to understand the business processes of an organisation and how we can align information and technology within these processes in order to improve efficiency, increase revenue and reduce the risk for them.
We have partnered with SMMEs at all levels including Simmer & Jack mines, Nielsen Media Gold Reef, Papamani Security, Tiba Security, COACH Kempton, Molaba Inc. Attorneys, Jet-Up Security Services, Malebo Trust CC, Linkafter Solutions, Lengwati Electrical PTY, Musenga-Vhazimo Administrators CC, Thengah Holdings PTY and more.

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