Who is Prodinet Networking?

Prodinet stands for “Professional Digital Networking”. Since 2008, we have been partnering with different SMMEs at all levels toward offering maximum flexibility & control over their IT network, telephone system, security, data management, IT equipment& general ICT solutions. We are proud to be ranked highest ICT solution provider in terms of customer satisfaction by our numerous customers.

Every business runs on a digital platform such as computers, servers, data, files, printers, information, social media, internet, telephones, security and more. These digital platforms contribute immensely towards productivity of an organization and generate income on a daily basis. With this income, businesses are able to grow, shoulder expenditures and create employment. But unfortunately, the knowledge of maintaining these platforms is unknown or even very limited to the organization. When the platforms trigger issues due to hardware failure, virus, malware, corrupt files, software out-date or whatever the case maybe, everything comes to a stand-still. This can have a catastrophic effect on the business as it can result to stifled income and low productivity.

Now, imagine having the right service provider who understands digital platform from design, implementation, management &support? That’s right, that’s us!

Prodinet is at the centre of digital platform and provides quality design, implementation & maintenance of all your ICT platforms that ensure consistent improvement as well as recurring revenue for your business. These platforms are Networking, Telephone System & Connectivity. We do so by partnering with your management at all levels to manage and support your corporate IT infrastructure through networking. It’s simple and easy when 1-7 different devices are brought together through communication in order to exchange information using the right channel of partners with the right tools. For more information check our services….

Our Values

We are certified, reliable, accurate, quality-conscious and professional driven towards our service.

Our great team of experts are equipped with the latest technological tools to meet your business needs of this generation and the next.

Why Prodinet Networking is the right partner for your business.

There are numerous reasons to opt for Prodinet to be your trusted ICT service provider:
a) We engage with your business to understand your needs and to provide the best solution/s.
b) Increase your profit through generating recurring revenue towards your investment.
c) We supply all your hardware and software requirements with warranty/guarantee.
d) We design your project specifications, propose recommendations, implement & manage your solution.
e) We provide a complete, all in one networking, telephone & security solution.
f) We provide general IT consulting through SLA or once-off maintenance plan.
g) You need not worry about second or third party; we handle it all for you.